Planes of the Head by John Asaro

Understanding Light and the Portrait - by John Asaro

Understanding Light and the Portrait
88 Minute video on DVD

John Asaro explains how ight works while painting the round, exotic, memorized, and male heads, and also paints the female head in color.

PLANES OF THE BODY COMING SOON! Planes of the Body - Coming Soon!
18" TALL

The Original Planes of the Head mannequin is designed as a tool for learning in an effective and orderly progression how to draw and paint the human head. The model is applicable to both sexes and all races, with variations arising only in proportion. The left side shows the basic structure of the head's planes as seen in a rounded and or younger face.

The right side shows a more complex structure characteristic of a thinner and or older face. This mannequin head has been conceived in the hope of benefiting all artists from the beginning student to the professional. It is designed for both independent and classroom use.

Through academic exercise Planes of the Head offers a realistic approach for the understanding of light and planes in the modeling of the human head.

Definition: The head body is made of French curves and ovals. On all these surfaces there are flatter and concave areas we call planes (they are not flat). The Planes of the Head mannequin is a 3D map to show where all these planes are on the head and the relationship they have to one another. This mannequin head has every plane imaginable. We do not suggest every head has all these planes -- they do not. However, we do say all heads have some of these planes, and that people have the basic planes shown on page 24 of the booklet that is provided with the Planes of the Head mannequin, and the new mannequin head called "memorized."

All heads come only in light gray plastic.

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