Planes of the Head


Nine mannequin heads and one body, designed specifically for artists, are to be used as a precursor to live models. They are bald with no eyebrows and have subtle planes so one can get a good understanding of the shape of the head and body and how light falls on them. They are light gray polyethylene plastic, and can be mounted to a tripod (not included). These products should be viewed from different angles with different lighting and be drawn and painted indefinitely. When proficient at this task, then go to live models.

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Original Head

Male Body Female Body
Male Body Female Body
Female Head Male Head Smiling Female Head Memorized Head
Female Male Smiling Female Memorized
African Head Round Head  


John Asaro - Understanding Light and the Portrait Bella Donna Exhibition Catalog  
DVD Video Bella Donna Exhibition Catalog  


Click here for a page showing demonstrations of some uses of the heads.

Heads and body come in light gray plastic.


If you do not have the original head, we strongly urge you to buy these 3 heads:

Original (includes booklet and DVD)

With practice, these heads and booklets should give you enough knowledge to paint a solid head, period.

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